Fulbright Scholarships for Study in the United States of America (USA)

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Fulbright is one of several United States Cultural Exchange Programs to improve intercultural relations, intercultural competence and cultural diplomacy, between the people of the United States and other countries through the exchange of persons, skills, and knowledge. Via the program, competitively-selected students of other countries may receive scholarships or grants to study, conduct research, teach, or exercise their talents in the United States. The program was founded by the United States Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946 and is considered to be one of the most widely recognized and prestigious scholarships in the world. The program provides approximately 8,000 grants annually – roughly 1,600 to U.S. students, 1,200 to U.S. scholars, 4,000 to foreign students, 900 to foreign visiting scholars, and several hundred to teachers and professionals.

Fulbright Scholarships for Study in the United States of America (USA)
Fulbright Scholarships for Study in the United States of America (USA)

International students who want to study in the USA should apply for the scholarship in their home country and after a long process, if accepted, they can pursue a Masters or PhD program in the United States.

The Fulbright Program has the commissions in 49 of the over 160 countries with which it has bilateral partnerships. These foundations are funded jointly by the U.S. and partner governments. The role of the Fulbright Commissions is to plan and implement educational exchanges; recruit and nominate candidates, both domestic and foreign, for fellowships; designate qualified local educational institutions to host Fulbrighters, and support incoming U.S. Fulbrighters while engaging with alumni. Below is a list of current commissions:

Western Hemisphere

1. Argentina > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States and the Argentine Republic

2. Brazil > Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States of America and Brazil

3. Canada > Foundation for Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States of America

4. Chile > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States of America and Chile

5. Colombia > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States of America and Colombia

6. Ecuador > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States of America and Ecuador

7. Mexico > Mexico-United States Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange

8. Peru > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States and Peru

9. Uruguay > Fulbright Uruguay

Europe and Eurasia

10. Austria > Austrian-American Educational Commission

11. Belgium > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States, Belgium and Luxembourg

12. Bulgaria > Bulgarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange

13. the Czech Republic > J. William Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange in the Czech Republic

14. Denmark > Fulbright Denmark

15. Finland > Fulbright Finland Foundation

16. France > Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange

17. Germany > German-American Fulbright Commission

18. Greece > U.S. Educational Foundation in Greece

19. Hungary > Hungarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange

20. Iceland > Iceland-United States Educational Commission

21. Ireland > The Ireland-United States Commission for Educational Exchange

22. Italy > The U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission

23. the Netherlands > Fulbright Commission the Netherlands

24. Norway > U.S.-Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange

25. Poland > Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission

26. Portugal > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States of America and Portugal

27. Romania > Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission

28. Slovak Republic > J. William Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange in the Slovak Republic

29. Spain > Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange Between the United States of America and Spain

30. Sweden > Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Sweden

31. Turkey > Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States of America and Turkey

32. the United Kingdom > The United States-United Kingdom Fulbright Commission

Sub-Saharan Africa


The Middle East and North Africa

33. Egypt > The Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt

34. Israel > U.S.-Israel Educational Foundation (USIEF)

35. Jordan > Jordanian-American Commission for Educational Exchange (JACEE)

36. Morocco > Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange

Saudi Arabia

South and Central Asia

37. India > United States-India Educational Foundation

38. Nepal > Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Nepal (USEF/Nepal)

39. Pakistan > United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan

40. Sri Lanka > United States-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission


East Asia and the Pacific

41. Australia > The Australian-American Fulbright Commission

42. Indonesia > American-Indonesian Exchange Foundation

43. Japan > Japan-United States Educational Commission

44. Korea > Korean-American Educational Commission

45. Malaysia > Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange

46. New Zealand > New Zealand-United States Educational Foundation

47. The Philippines > Philippine-American Educational Foundation

48. Taiwan > Foundation for Scholarly Exchange

49. Thailand > Thailand-U.S. Educational Foundation


Brunei Darussalam

For example, below is the General Description Grants for Indonesians. If you are from another country, you may go to the link above if your country is mentioned or try to search Fulbright scholarships (space) your country name in Google if your country name is not mentioned.

Fulbright scholarships are available to Indonesian citizens to undertake graduate degree study or advanced research at a US university in a variety of fields.

The MA and PhD scholarships support two and three years of graduate study respectively at a US university. The Visiting Scholar Program allows an Indonesian holding a doctoral degree to research for three to six months at an American university.

Selection preference will be given to candidates who have not had extensive recent US experience, for example, those who have previously received a Fulbright scholarship. Candidates will be considered without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, status as a parent, or sexual orientation.

General Requirements

The applicant should:

- Be an Indonesian citizen and not a permanent resident or citizen of the US, or be currently living in the US
- Possess leadership qualities and show experience in community service
- Have preparation in and a demonstrated commitment to their chosen field of study
- Be proficient in English
- Have an outstanding academic record
- Demonstrate that they can realistically accomplish full-time graduate study or conduct research in the US
- Demonstrate a strong commitment to return to Indonesia upon completion of the Fulbright scholarship program
- Be willing to work for at least five years before retirement upon the completion of the scholarship program

An applicant will be ineligible if he or she is:

- An employee, a close family member of an employee, or dependent of an employee of AMINEF, the US Embassy, or the US Department of State
- Currently pursuing another degree
- Receiving another scholarship at the time of the application
- Pursuing another similar program for a double degree

Submission Requirements (to be supplied in English)

- Completed application form, including one-page study objective for master’s and PhD scholarships, and 3-5-page research proposal for PhD and Research scholarships
- Copy of most recent (less than two years old) TOEFL ITP/PBT or IELTS scores
- Two letters of reference, either from an employer or a university lecturer
- Copy of academic transcript and diploma (in original language and English translation)
- Copy of valid identity document or passport
- Curriculum vitae

Grant Benefits

The scholarship will provide the following benefits:

- J-1 visa support
- Round-trip economy class air travel from scholarship recipient’s home city to the host institution in the US
- Funding for tuition and fees, living and related costs
- Accident and health insurance coverage per US Government guidelines

Support is not provided for accompanying dependents.

Eligible Fields of Study

Fulbright grants may be used for study or research in most disciplines and fields of study except medicine related to patient care or clinical patient contact. Proposals in humanities, arts, and social sciences, and in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and health are equally welcome. Particularly welcome are applications in STEM fields that focus on environmental preservation, alternative energy exploration, or climate change mitigation.

Required Tests

At the time of application to AMINEF only a TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (ITP) or IELTS score is required. If you are later selected for an award, you must then take the official TOEFL iBT (Internet-based TOEFL) test, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for all fields except law and business, or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for business administration, finance, and accounting.


Master’s and PhD Scholarship

Application Deadline*: February 15
Application Screening: March
Interviews: April
Shortlist Announcement: June

Visiting Scholar Program

Application Deadline*: November 1
Application Screening: November
Interviews: December
Shortlist Announcement: January

*Exact deadlines every year may be subject to change and if the application falls on a weekend or public holiday, it is automatically extended to the following workday.

That is the information for Indonesians. The deadline and requirements may be slightly different from other countries. At least, hopefully this article can help you to got basic information for study in the USA.

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To get the latest scholarship information, please follow our social media below: Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
To get the latest scholarship information, please follow our social media below: Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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