Master and PhD Scholarship at Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله فاطر السماوات والأرض وصلى الله وسلم على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه أجمعين

Seoul National University (SNU) the 37th top university in the world open the registration for Master and PhD program for Spring 2021 semester as well as the fully funded scholarship opportunity.

Master and PhD Scholarship at Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea
Master and PhD Scholarship at Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea

Admissions Timeline, Spring 2021

The dates and deadlines below are for the application to the program that starts in Spring 2021.

Online Application, Scan & Upload Documents

Period: 10:00, July 20th (Mon), 2020 - 17:00, July 30th (Thu), 2020

* Note that the entrance date to the program is March 2nd (Tue), 2021

Online Submission of Recommendation Letter

Period: 10:00, July 20th (Mon), 2020 - 17:00, July 31st (Fri), 2020

* Submission through email or post are invalid.

Submission of Portfolios

Period: July 20th (Mon), 2020 - July 31st (Fri), 2020

* Only required for applicants of College of Fine Arts (Except for Arts Management Program of Interdisciplinary Programs), College of Music, Interdisciplinary Programs of College of Education(Music Education Major, Fine Arts Education Major), College of Engineering Architecture Major

* Submission procedures vary according to each department. Please refer to Admission Guide

Preliminary Admissions Decision

After 17:00, October 12th (Mon), 2020

* Results will be posted on the SNU website.

Submission of Original Documents

Period: 10:00, October 13th (Tue), 2020 - 17:00, November 6th (Fri), 2020

* Preliminary admitted applicants must submit original documents by post or visit.

Announcement of Admissions Decision

After 17:00, November 23rd (Mon), 2020

* Results will be posted on the SNU website.


February 2021 (TBA)

* Applicants are advised to note the ‘Reference Guide for New International Students’ for further details regarding the registration process.

Korean Proficiency Test among the admitted students

February 2021 (TBA)

* SNU website will indicate those who are required to take the Korean proficiency test on the admission result announcement screen.

※ For further information about the application process and admissions, please make an inquiry to the ‘Office of Admissions’. (

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Programs Offered

Shown below are the programs offered for admission for each category of applicants. Please refer to the list.
• Applicants can choose only one course among (Master’s / Combined Master’s & Doctoral / Doctoral).
• Applicants can choose only one Department/School/Major.
• Reorganization in the SNU academic affairs can result in the following: change in the name, integration, division, and/or closure of a field of study (major).
• * means a Dept., Major, Interdisciplinary program will recruit by specific fields.
• # means a Dept. or Major of WCU (World Class University) program.
• Regarding the field of study, Please visit website of department/major.
• English is the principal medium of coursework, academic reports and theses for all students of Global Public Administration Major, Graduate School of Public Administration.
• Applicants for Business Administration should be able to take coursework in Korean as Korean is the principal medium of coursework for College of Business Administration.
• Combined Master’s & Doctoral Course: This course is offered for applicants who wish to obtain Ph.D degree without master’s degree. The applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and should apply for ’Combined Master’s & Doctoral Course’. For detailed information of the curriculum, please inquire with the desired college, graduate school or department.

The programs which are offered quite many like Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Scholarships

College of Humanities

Korean Language and Literature
Chinese Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
Russian Language and Literature
Hispanic Language and Literature
Korean History
Asian History
Western History
-Eastern Philosophy Major
-Western Philosophy Major
Religious Studies
Archaeology and Art History
-Archaeology Major
-Art History Major
Asian Languages and Civilizations
Interdisciplinary Programs
-Classical Studies Major
-Cognitive Science Major
-Comparative Literature Major
-Archival Studies Major
-Performing Arts Studies Major

College of Social Sciences

Political Science and International Relations
-Political Science Major
-International Relations Major
Social Welfare
Interdisciplinary Programs
-Gender Studies Major

College of Business Administration

Business Administration
-(Management Information Systems)
-(Strategy and International Business Management)
-(Operations Management)-(Organizational Behavior and International Business Management)

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Agricultural Economics &Rural Development
-Agricultural and Resource Economics Major
-Regional Information Major

College of Law


College of Education

-Foundations of Education Major
-Education Technology Major
-Educational Counseling Major
-Education Administration Major
-Life-Long Education Major
Korean Language Education
-Korean as a Foreign Language Education Major
Foreign Language Education
-English Language Major
-German Language Major
-French Language Major
Social Studies Education
-Social Studies Major
-History Major
-Geography Major
Ethics Education
*Physical Education
-(Sport Science Major)
-(Human Exercise Major)
-Global Sport Management Major
Interdisciplinary Programs
-Music Education Major
-Fine Arts Education Major
-Home Economics Education Major
-Special Education Major
-Environment Education Major
-Early Childhood Education Major
-Global Education Cooperation Major

College of Human Ecology

Consumer Science
Child Development andFamily Studies

Graduate School of Public Administration

Public Administration
-Public Administration Major
-Public Policy Major
-Global Public Administration Major

Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Environmental Planning
-Environmental Planning Major

Graduate School of International Studies

International Studies
-International Commerce Major
-International Cooperation Major
-International Area Studies Major
-Korean Studies Major

College of Natural Sciences

Mathematical Sciences
Physics & Astronomy
-Physics Major
-Astronomy Major
Biological Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Interdisciplinary Programs
-History and Philosophy of Science Major
-Genetic Engineering Major
-Neuroscience Major
-Bioinformatics Major
-Computational Science and Technology Major
-Biophysics and Chemical Biology Major

College of Nursing

-(Maternal-Child and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing)
-(Adult Health Nursing)
-(Community Health and Nursing Care Systems)

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Agriculture, Forestry and Bioresources
-Crop Science and Biotechnology Major
-Horticultural Science and Biotechnology Major
-Forest Environmental Science Major
-Environmental Materials Science Major
-Biomaterials Engineering Major
Agricultural Biotechnology
-Food Sience and Biotechnology Major
-Animal Science and Biotechnology Major
-Applied Life Chemistry Major
-Plant Microbiology Major
-Entomology Major
-#Biomodulation Major
Landscape Architecture & Rural Systems Engineering
-Landscape Architecture Major
-Rural Systems Engineering Major
Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural & Vocational Education
Interdisciplinary Programs
-Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Major
-Agricultural Genomics Major

Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology

International Agricultural Technology

College of Education

Mathematics Education
Science Education
-Physics Major
-Chemistry Major
-Biology Major
-Earth Sciences Major

College of Human Ecology

Food and Nutrition
Textiles, Merchandising andFashion Design

College of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate School of Public Health

*Public Health Sciences
-Public Health
-Health Care Management and Policy
Environmental Health Sciences

Graduate School of Environmental Studies

*Environmental Planning (City and Regional Planning)
-(Transportation Studies)
-(Environmental Management)
-(Urban and Social Innovation Major)
Landscape Architecture
Interdisciplinary Programs
-Landscape Architecture

Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology

#Molecular Medicine and Biopharmaceutical Science

College of Engineering

Architecture and Architectural Engineering
Energy Systems Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
-#Hybrid Materials Major
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
-#Multiscale Mechanical Design Major
Aerospace Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
-Civil and Environmental Engineering Major
-Smart City Engineering Major
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chemical and Biological Engineering
-#Chemical Convergence for Energy & Environment Major
Industrial Engineering
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

College of Engineering

Interdisciplinary Programs
-Bioengineering Major
-Urban Design Major
-Technology Management Economics and Policy Major
-Space System
-Artificial Intelligence

Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology

Department of Transdisciplinary Studies
-Applied Bioengineering
-Intelligence and Information

College of Medicine

Department of Biomedical Sciences
-(Anatomy Major)
-(Pathology Major)
-(Microbiology and Immunology Major)
-(Preventive Medicine Major)
-(Tropical Medicine and Parasitology Major)
-(History of Medicine & Medical Humanities Major)
-(Forensic Medicine Major)
-(Health Policy and Management Major)
-(Biomedical Engineering Major)
-(Medical Education Major)
-(Internal Medicine Major)
-(Surgery Major)
-(Pediatrics Major)
-(Obstetrics and Gynecology Major)
-(Psychiatry Major)
-(Orthopedic Surgery Major)
-(Urology Major)
-(Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Major)
-(Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Major)
-(Neurosurgery Major)
-(Ophthalmology Major)
-(Radiology Major)
-(Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Major)
-(Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Major)
-(Radiation Oncology Major)
-(Laboratory Medicine Major)
-(Rehabilitation Medicine Major)
-(Nuclear Medicine Major)
-(Family Medicine Major)
-(Emergency Medicine Major)
-(Translational Medicine Major)
Interdisciplinary Programs
-Cancer Biology Major
-Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Major
-Medical Informatics Major
-Stem Cell Biology Major

School of Dentistry

*Dental Science
-(Head and neck anatomy and imaging science)
-(Preventive & Social Dentistry)
-(Dental Biomaterials Science)
-(Program in Neuroscience)
-(Healthcare Management and Informatics)
-(Molecular Genetics)
-(Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
-(Pediatric Dentistry)
-(Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology)
-(Dental Anesthesiology)

College of Veterinary Medicine

*Veterinary Medicine
-(Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
-(Veterinary Pathobiology and Preventive Medicine)
-(Veterinary Clinical Sciences)
-(Farm Animal Medicine Major)

College of Music

-(Vocal Music Major)
-(Composition·Conducting Major)
-(Theory·Musicology Major)
-(Piano Major)
-(String Major)
-(Woodwind/Brass Major)
-(Korean Instrumental Music·Korean Vocal Music Major)
-(Korean Composition·Korean Musicology Major)

College of Fine Arts

*Crafts and Design
-(Ceramics Major)
-(Metalsmithing Major)
-(Visual Communication Design Major)
-(Industrial Design Major)
-(Crafts Major)
-(Design Major)
*Fine Art
-(Oriental Painting Major)
-(Painting/Printmaking Major)
-(Sculpture Major)
Oriental Painting
-(Painting Major)
-(Printmaking Major)
Interdisciplinary Programs
-Arts Management

Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS)


Asian students, excluding Japanese and Chinese nationals, who wish to study one of the designated graduate programs

* The programs eligible for this scholarship are subject to change, and different by applicants’ nationalities. The eligible programs list is announced every semester.

Number of Recipients

Approximately 20


Tuition fee: full tuition exemption for a maximum of 4 semesters

Living expenses: 500,000 KRW per month (different according to recipients’ majors)

This scholarship is similar with Master’s Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance at 8 German Universities that also cover tuition fee and living cost.

Application Period

During admission period for international students every semester

Selection Procedure

Applicants who submit admission application to SNU’s Office of Admissions → Applicants submit scholarship application to SNU’s Office of International Affairs → Selection made by respective Colleges/Schools based on the admission documents → Decision noticed


SNU staff in charge: 82-2-880-2519,

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Download the detail of requirements Admissions for Graduate Spring 2021, Guideline for Graduate Online Application, and Guideline for Online Recommendation System here

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July 20, 2020

To get the latest scholarship information, please follow our social media below: Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
To get the latest scholarship information, please follow our social media below: Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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